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Activator Base Spine Alighment Technique

Schroth Method (Scoliosis Physiotherapeutic Method) 


Tit Tar & Bone Setting



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Subang Jaya USJ  Spine & Osteocare Medicare


At Stone Melt Medicare, we  treat our clients for all type of spine and bone dislocation health matters. The treatment coverage include Neck (cervical) pain, Shoulder stiffness/pain, Elbow Pain (Tennis Elbow/Golf Elbow), Lower back pain, Disc Herniation, Sciatic Nerve Pain, Knee joint pain, Plantar Facistis, Archilly Tendonitis,  Ankle Sprain, Sport injury, Scoliosis physical therapy method and Traditional Chinese Medicine services. The treatment method that we used is  Activator Method, Hand Manipulation Tit Tar, SBP Schroth Method, Traditional Acupuncture and Sculp Acupuncture.  

Stone Melt Bone Setting Medicare centre is located at Subang Jaya USJ 1 area.





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